Want the taste of fresh sushi but live hundreds of miles from any coast? Sounds like a good time for you to check out some Albuquerque sushi restaurants. In particular, why not check out Albuquerque’s best sushi restaurant. Samurai is the the one restaurant in Albuquerque that can offer such an experience to you. Boasting one of the best fine dining experiences one will ever encounter, Samurai is a restaurant of its own caliber. With a variety of sushi to select from, you’ll find yourself visiting again and again, just to try them all. One popular item on the menu is the Sushi Specialty. Just order the “specialty of sushi” and you will be served an exquisite sushi dish, a delectable trip of the taste buds.

Fine dining in Albuquerque is not hard to find, once you look in the right places. Not only does Samurai offer sushi, it offers other lunch and dinner options. Though they are in fact delicious, why look further? Samurai’s sushi is the best of Albuquerque, especially the Specialty of Sushi. The relaxed eastern atmosphere only further uplifts the fine dining atmosphere. This Japanese-themed Albuquerque sushi restaurant will leave you feeling as though you travelled the thousands of miles to the beautiful island country. The menu will be almost authentic. The sushi will be so fresh that one will question the fact that the restaurant is located in land-locked New Mexico! Here at Samurai Grill and Sushi, we promise a fine dining experience you will never forget.