Food Excellent Decor Excellent Service Excellent Top quality, fresh sushi. Great setting and professional staff. I want to try the dinner soon.

VArthur Harris

I could eat here everyday! I love sushi, have been to a lot of different sushi houses in Albuquerque and Samurai is the best by far! I moved here from CA and thought I'd never find fresh fish in the desert. The service is great, love sitting at the bar and watching the chefs create art with food. A fun place to bring a date! I haven't tried the grill yet but I will soon. Thanks Samurai, you're great!

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I used to live in Santa Barbara and San Francisco so I'm no sushi rube. I find the complaints on the Google site do not jive with my experience. Albuquerque has several good sushi bars and this is one of them. The sushi is reasonably expensive, but they do make very large rolls and even the standard sushi could be twice as large as what you might be expecting. We have dinner for two for $30 by ordering one roll (Chef Surprise roll .. for example) and a few orders sushi. That will probably fill you up and satisfy your sushi urge. I've also eaten at the Teppan bar and gotten a good performance each time

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Nori is the master of the sushi bar! He is amazing, always nice and explains everything he is making. The food is amazing and always fresh! I have had more than one amazing night there! Go and ask for Nori!


I remember myself coming to Samurai almost 6 months ago. Last memory wasnt a pleasant one, but I paid my visit after hearing that they got a new owner. Sushi was very good: New Mexican roll and californian rolls. Sushi chefs were very kind, and i would deifinetely look forward for my visit to teppan table soon

Thomas Collins

So tasty... I couldn't decide between sushi and hibachi so we got both (yay, I love my friends!)! The sushi is pretty good, not superb, but as good as most places. We had a lot of food left over and it was still tasty two days later :p The hibachi is both entertaining and delicious. The staff is pretty attentive and nice. It can obviously get a little loud so I wouldn't recommend it for a first date or anything. I'm definitely going back the next time I'm in town.

Linda J. Atlanta, GA

It was a hot day and since I had tried the Korean version of the Chirashi (Hye Dup Bab) once before on a cold winter day (which was still good) I was ready to give it another go and this place does it up just right. If you like sashimi, well this is really the way to go as it takes that approach to another level as it is layered with sweet egg, some mild kim chee style veggies, lots of high quality greens topped off with roe, etc. that comes with a mildly spicy Korean tofu bean paste sauce that accents the variety of flavors of the fish included without overpowering them. It short, it is a sashimi rice salad that I could barely eat all of. My wife had the King Salmon filet w/Tempura and was impressed with the quality of the salmon. The tempura was more than expected-5 large, single pieces that included a prawn, a mushroom, a sweet potato, an onion and a zucchini. And as often happens at many Asian restaurants, other items on the platter that weren't even listed on the menu for the item-four slices of California roll and a small Japanese style salad. The only drawback was the iceberg lettuce salad that naturally comes with it (sorry, but I just hate iceberg lettuce-it's almost impossible to pass it off as any sort of real food and should just not be served at all) and some spotty service/timing of meal delivery but the owner Marsha made up for it by being a gracious hostess when the issue was brought up and she was very engaging

Richard W. Albuquerque, NM

My favorite place to go and eat in Albuquerque!!! Reasonably priced with amazing food!!! No other teppan restaurant in town even comes close to the quality and service at samaurai.

Kole Gulko

Excellent food and the chef was extremely entertaining. Will definitely return

Nick Ethier

The noodles are delicious. Well, actually... Everything was delicious!!! Took the family there and we where entertained and totally stuffed by the time we left. It's a must go to if you haven't tried it. Enjoy!

John Maddyn

We love Samurai! The food is terrific...the service is great and we love the hostess. We eat there once or twice a week and bring our baby. You will love this dining experience.

Christie Prince

The food never disappoints. Sometimes the service can use some help, but the food makes up for it

Matt Bearce