Title : Albuquerque: your next favourite place to explore!



Albuquerque or what they call as ‘The duke City’ is not only the largest city in New Mexico, but also the next favourite destination of every travel lover. The most populous and versatile city offers the best you can get at unbelievable economic packages.

There are several top restaurants in the metropolitan city which serve the visitors with warmth and hospitality.


Albuquerque: The exclusive cuisines!

However, what account to be prized possession of the place are the Sushi Bar which have no close competitor in the authentic tastes of the Japanese cuisines they offer to their visitors. The exclusive Japanese and Korean dishes are served with the hint of sea food.

Top Restaurants:

The Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar, Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse, and Sushi King are certifiably the pride of Albuquerque, enticing travellers from all kind of nations over the world. Azuma Sushi and Teppan Grill offer with delicious cuisine, delighted ambience at the    most economic prices.

In the urge to remain on the favourite list of every visitor, these dining houses do not mind providing wonderful offers, huge discounts, that too every month.


The cultural Albuquerque:

The ethnic city features as an abode to multiple cultures, this in fact is the primary motivation behind the super exciting New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair that plays a vital role in attracting tourists who are art lovers. Being organized from over half a century, this fair presents visual arts, cultural dance, folk music of Albuquerque in the most varied forms. The fair is indeed one of the most awaited events of not only the people of the city, but of the entire US, who get to display the colors of life in it.


The city life:

The ABQ tables and booths which are the hunts for playing music and serving cuisines also add to the cart making it admired among the travelers.

The city is connected with other places of U.S. through airplanes, which makes it easier for the tourists to come here. However, ABQ ride is the major rider providing various buses across the cities.

The unique biological park in the heart of the city, the Museum of Art and History, Petroglyph National Monument are major tourist charms for vacations.

The city’s passion for various sports events ensures them to be available at the best prices.

The hotels and motels that stay lit up for 24 hours a day provide excellent accommodations to visitors at affordable tariffs.


Why Albuquerque?

Featured in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, ‘Brothers’, in telemovies like ‘Breaking Bad’ and many more, the city’s beauty and popularity can be verified by the fact that it is one of the most preferred places by many Hollywood directors.

The forthcoming Easter Sunday and Easter Monday have motivated the Sushi restraunts, night clubs, and discotheques to thrill the visitors with greatest programs with unbelievably low prices.

However, the Good Friday, stay ready to get surprised if you are visiting the gorgeous Duke City of New Mexico!